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Marketing Techniques:

There are marketing techniques to develop his turnover and give a good image of his company. These techniques are within the reach of small businesses.

Indeed, there are simple, inexpensive and yet effective traditional marketing techniques. Thanks to a few tricks, they can even be adapted to new technologies.

Word of mouth at the time of the internet: The network marketing technique.

Potential customers ask their friends, colleagues, neighbors for advice before buying a product. They are happy to recommend a brand, which they like. Major brands have understood this well by paying bloggers to talk about them. This marketing technique is too expensive for a small or medium business.

On the other hand, you can ask your satisfied customers if they agree to publish their testimonial on your website. Most will be happy to give a helping hand to a human sized company.

It is also possible to ask your loyal customers to sponsor new customers in exchange for a commercial discount on their next purchase. To make it easier for them, you can offer them to send a standard email to forward to their contacts who may be interested in your products. A promotional code can be inserted in the mail, to encourage the prospect to make his first purchase.

Promotional Gifts: Direct Marketing

Sending a promotional gift by mail can be considered as corny at the time of the internet. Yet, even the youngest customers enjoy receiving a mark of attention materialized with personalized mail. They feel that they are being taken into account as a person.

For a mass mailing of such mail, the marketing technique of direct mail is to use. The gift does not need to be of great value but it must be of quality. Nothing is more annoying than an umbrella that breaks at the first gust of wind. It can be a pen with the name of the company, a keychain-shaped helmet for a box of the building and public works, a free session for a gym, a shampoo offered for a hair salon.

A shopkeeper with a local clientele can ask his customers to pick up the gift in the sign. In this case, when visiting the store, you must be careful not to be too insistent to close the sale. Otherwise the customer will have the impression of having paid dearly for his gift.

Attract the customer with a product of call.

For a newly created company, finding your first customers is not always easy. Offering a simple product at the lowest price is a well-known technique of large retailers. The goal is to bring the customer to the point of sale by offering a product at an artificially low price and make other purchases.

Thus, a hairdresser can offer shampoo and blow dry at a very low price. Often the client will ask for an additional benefit. And even if she is satisfied with the basic benefit, it’s a safe bet that she will return to make her color if she is satisfied with her first visit. In addition, she will talk to his entourage. And that’s it, again relationship marketing.

It only remains for you to think about the most appropriate marketing technique for your company, according to its sector and its customers. For our part, we wish you lots of new sales and appreciative comments from your customers on social networks.