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With the Need for Speed ​​Payback Mechanical Parts, you get the most decisive and strategic choices ever seen in a Need for Speed.

Each car purchased comes with a selection of original parts already installed, but to compete with the best, improvements are essential. There are six categories of parts (block, cylinder head, turbo, exhaust, housing and transmission) that must be improved throughout the game to remain competitive.

The pieces are obtained in different ways. A victory in an event can for example bring coins to chance. You can also choose and buy your items in Shops where arrivals are permanent.

There is also the Draw Draw system, which broadens the selection of available parts a little, but you will have to recycle some of your superfluous parts to gain access.

The level of spare parts is one of the most decisive factors in improving your performance. The higher this level is, the more the performances will be too.

The level of spare parts determines the category of the car. A car equipped with a set of Level 1 parts will belong to Category 1.0. Equipped with level 18 (the highest), the Category increases to 3.99.

Improve your performance even further by installing coins with specific bonuses.

The bonuses still raise the level of many performance factors: Peak Speed, Acceleration, Nitro, Jump and Braking. Hopefully you’ll come across Multi-Bonus coins that really make a difference.

Another very important factor is the association of brands. By installing several parts of the same brand, the performance of your car will be even better. The gain in performance depends on the type of brand and its specialties … choose well!

Assemble your dream car from an original configuration and turn it into a supercar. Install some jump bonuses on your off-road queen and watch her fly over the desert peaks. Combine Americana brand parts and blow up the nitro of your racehorse at once. Prepare your car in your own way and store a collection of fantastic machines in your garage .