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So here we are back in the middle of World War II, in the shoes of this good old Karl Fairburne. Obviously still focused on the Gitane without filter, our sniper with the voice of death angel has won his talents in Italy where he will have much to do to disrupt the enemy, and facilitate the future landing in Sicily. We find for everything or what the series had accustomed us until then, namely a succession of levels in which it will be necessary to accomplish one or more adjectives. For this, many tools, the need to remain discreet, and the possibility of playing the sniper rifle to sow death and devastation. A noble task, particularly well developed by the famous killcams way Mortal Kombat, which, in case of lethal shooting, allow to see in X-ray the effects of your balls on the bodies of sauerkraut lovers standing between you and your goal. We are not going to lie, and too bad for the politically correct and the opinion of my shrink, but see flying in 500 pieces puzzle the skull of a Nazi is still fun, always enjoyable.

In short not really surprise on the short fifteen hours that should ask you the single player campaign of Sniper Elite 4. In fact, we would be almost disappointed by so much immobilism, if we did not take into account certain details, which make all the difference.


The first of these details is probably the most important of them and it is advisable that one lingers a moment on his case. If the previous Sniper Elite were based on the same construction that we are interested in today, that is to say a succession of levels of varying sizes, things have changed a little in the meantime. In good. The different levels of Sniper Elite 4 are much bigger, much more elaborate than before, and that gives a lot of dimensions to the game while making it richer, more complex. Since the title leaves you finally quite free, the means to reach your ends are quite numerous. You can play the card of absolute discretion, and not kill anyone except the rank of the corner that serves as a goal, as you can choose to punish absolutely everyone and play with the various accessories of the game and especially the different mines that exist. Placed in the right place, they will be great traps for a patrol. You can also blow up a cannon or truck to create a diversion. Or simply find a nice little high position and play Sunday’s Simo Häyha, delivering democracy and human rights with 7.62 x 54 mm.

This level in the forest works pretty well, in its kind.

If these levels of very good size would have enough to create some complexes among the most virile of you, they also have other qualities, starting with their aesthetics. We will come back later on the technical part to focus on the artistic direction of the game, which is here wonders. By situating the action of Sniper Elite 4 in Italy, Rebellion intelligently renews the aesthetics of the series. The studio has created beautiful Mediterranean environments, as warm as colorful. All are not as successful, which is also true in the construction of different levels, but overall we take pleasure in discovering the different landscapes that have to offer the game Special mention for the arrival in Bitanti, small village of character, or the Monastery of Abrunza. Two ideal tourist destinations that are waiting for you to repaint everything in monochrome red, and wash them of the taint of fascism.

In short, very good job from Rebellion who has created a succession of sandbox rather well thought out and in which we take pleasure to evolve. Of course, the work is not perfect, since here and there are some construction defects, which can be quite frustrating, especially if you opt for a high level of difficulty, as was the case when our test.


Without aids in aiming, the game delivers relatively little information to allow effective shooting.

The difficulty, let’s talk about it. By default the game offers a series of helpers that everyone can activate or deactivate according to his desires. Of course, we quickly chose to disable the aid to the aim, which a little too much the task when shooting the sniper . This one clearly indicates where to point your cannon, allowing you not to puff you up the basic rules of ballistics. But once disabled, we encounter the opposite problem. Sniper Elite 4 is here particularly stingy in indication and to succeed precise shots, with long distance, requires as much luck as skill. For the sake of comfort, we finished our test with the so-called sighting aid.

However, by increasing the level of difficulty, the game offers enough challenge to push you to stir your brains. But not everything is perfect. As in most stealth games, Sniper Elite 4 uses different levels of alert, and one quickly realizes the small concerns faced by the AI . For example: ”  Oh well, so Gunter just got shot in the head, it probably has nothing to do with the American soldier I see picking flowers there ” (roughly effective this silent gun) , or ” The friends lying in the middle of the road are probably basking the pill in the sun, if I went to join them? The alert is raised, nothing can happen to us “.

Notwithstanding these few concerns, it must be said that the AI ​​does the job in many cases. It is not uncommon to be surprised from behind, by a soldier who has the intelligence to circumvent your position by remaining concealed, or an officer suddenly very worried not to see his friends come back for a drink. Some do not hesitate to sound the general alarm, to report your position with rockets provided for this purpose. It’s up to you to remain discreet, then. However, we can regret that at times, to speak powder is more effective than the finesse of execution that should impose us the game Play Rambo is made as much by the erratic behavior of enemies, as the level-design of the zones. less successful.

The means of killing are not lacking:W

And if it’s possible to do a good part of the game the Thompson in hand, the interest of the game is of course to do what any multiplayer FPS player disapproves of (in any case, publicly): pitch his tent and methodically slaughter any future grandfathers of a Tokio Hotel member. Precision shots that logically require the same precision on the part of the game. On this side, nothing to say as regards the hitbox, but we will however more nuanced in terms of the location of damage. In general, it works pretty well: understand that with a bullet in the calf, the Aryan lambda will have no trouble to fight back, or to do what some call a strategic retreat, others a flight of loose. A bullet in the upper body is not necessarily synonymous with death, so it will be necessary, as far as possible, to target certain vital organs. A fortiori because the game is quite generous when you reach certain parts like the lower abdomen, or the shoulders. Injuries that hurt the dog in real life, to the point of making unusable some members, including arms.In Sniper Elite 4, this is not really the case, and even with a bullet in the shoulder, and another in the leg, most of the enemies you face will continue to challenge you as if they were coming back from acupuncture session.

By targeting the right place, you can paralyze, or destroy some vehicles.


We end this test by the purely technical aspect. Tested on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 Sniper Elite 4 is not naughty, but it is of course not at the level of the genre. Between the aliasing, the textures a little runny and a distance of display of the most limited, the baby of Rebellion reminds us that it is not an AAA, and that it did not profit from the same financing as n any major Ubisoft production, Electronic Arts, or Activision. In the absolute it’s really disturbing, because the game is really fun, but the police of 4K 160 fps should faint more than once. The lambda player will grumble eventually against the few drops of frame rate that come from time to time increase some phases of play, but they are rare enough not to be painful.