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Life goes so fast that we often have the impression of running with it without being able to savor the moments it offers us. Despite all the times when we say we must relax, we fall back into frantic routine and are quickly overwhelmed by events.

Here are 10 tips to be happier and enjoy life.

1. Pull yourself together

If sadness occurs, it may be that you may over emphasize events that are out of your control. Try to identify what you can actually control by looking at certain aspects of your life. Working together with family obligations, social relationships and your physical condition are the main things you can do. Concentrate on these and forget what is superfluous.

2. Learn to breathe

We learned to breathe from birth. This was the first movement of our life. It is essential to do it properly, not only in difficult and stressful times, but several times a day, slowly and deeply. This simple exercise will bring you peace and relaxation. These feelings are essential to face the small daily inconveniences. Sign up for yoga classes, you will discover better breathing techniques. 

3. Do not do everything at the same time

Your daily life is like a mountain full of steps to climb. You panic wondering if you can get there. Make a list by prioritizing and ticking the items as you go. Identify what you can postpone and plan on this list, moments of rest and relaxation. And above all, live the moment!

4. Take risks

Life should be a journey of exploration. Do not be afraid of change and variety, they will broaden your vision of the world. It may be that you stumble, it will then be necessary to raise you to progress and to exceed you. You will learn to know yourself better and you will be proud of yourself. This is a nice reward for your efforts.

5. Chase guilt

The feeling of guilt is a real poison of existence, especially that of women. You feel guilty as soon as you find pleasure in something. You feel guilty for not having acted correctly or perfectly. In short, guilt is a prison where shame and lack of self-esteem are established. Make sure to free yourself from this false feeling that is not based on anything and that hinders your life.

6. Get out of the house and get some fresh air

You do not have to go to the end of the world to discover wonders. Know how to explore what’s around you, like the products in your area, the nature that sets it apart from others. Meet your neighbors and visit friends and family.

7. Play sports

Regular physical activity provides good shape and releases the hormone from happiness. No need to register for training courses or sports that do not suit you. Walking is the sport par excellence because it is accessible to all.

Forget your vehicle and put on comfortable clothes and shoes that fit for every season. Adopt the sporting, fast and sustained walk. In winter, choose the first hours of the day to enjoy the light. This simple and inexpensive activity will gently redraw your figure, if practiced daily.

8. Simplify your life

Clean up by eliminating unwanted objects that drag and weave your eyesight for several years. Leading a simple life is a good way to access happiness and enjoy life without the small irritants. Possession of more property often results in more concern.

9. Fight against boredom

Laugh more is the best way to counter boredom. Surround yourself with those who make you laugh. Watch and read humorous works. Play nice tricks to those you love to brighten them up. These small gestures will chase the negative thoughts of your day.

10. Create festive occasions

Eat and drink what makes you want, and let’s say it, without excess! Find time to go to the movies, play in the snow with your children and your grandchildren. Organize impromptu and simple meetings, at the last minute, in order to get you out of everyday life. You will please your loved ones and you will do good. Giving and sharing are some of the great satisfactions of life.


Ultimately, the ways to enjoy life are easy to find, as long as we open our horizons, do not let ourselves be overwhelmed by worries and focus on the happy moments that life presents to us.